Saturday, February 25, 2006

Caper fusilli for lunchtime

I came up with this pasta as a solution for when you have little food left in the house, can't be bothered to go out and shop and have no time or inclination to cook, yet want a satisfying, simple, healthy, warm lunch. You do need to have good capers at hand (sotto sale, and the big ones, from the Eolie preferably).
For two people:
Take a handful of capperi sotto sale; rinse them well but quickly; chop them roughly. Put in serving bowl. Open a 250g pack of Greek feta cheese, take about half of it, crunch it along with the capers. You may add a tablespoon of stracchino cheese, and/or some good ricotta, the result will be creamier. Add some fresh thyme, a little bit of white pepper. In the meantime, boil the water, don't salt it too much, throw in the pasta - fusilli or fusilli bucati. (It doesn't really work with spaghetti or even penne.) Use the pasta water to liquefy the feta mix a little (just a few teaspoons, as needed). Add to the caper mix a tablespoon of good olive oil. Mix in the pasta, stir carefully. While you stir, you can throw in some rucola leaves, which will of course wilt in the heat. Add black pepper. Eat immediately. It's quick, clean, delicious.
Noga da New York (ma che viaggia ovunque coi suoi capperi)


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