Sunday, January 13, 2008

Orange dinner on a dark cold night

Tonight, a few evenings after our return from a marvelous few weeks in India, where we ate more and better than we had in a long while - a simple dinner for two with whatever was in the fridge.

But orange-themed: the riso all'orientale, tonight with the juice of half an orange (tarocco, but the sort with spots of red rather than the truly bloody kind); and the fennel-orange-etc salad, with the other half-orange, and black olives, and left-over mixed salad leaves, and the extraordinary "sua maestà" Parmigiano-like cheese from the Emilian Appenines, and radishes; and the dressing combined orange juice, lemon juice, a hint of aceto balsamico, Sicilian olive oil. Salt, pepper.

Not much to it, and no real menu or recipe news here, but somehow this little dinner, and the little variations on precedents posted on tuttipiatti, felt worth recording.


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